Write some words and Earn Cash

You may hear about earning cash with placing advertisement on your website, earning cash by selling your link space from your website etc. But if you are new to this field then you might not hear about get paid by just writing some articles for other peoples.

This is yet an easy way for someone who have the power of knowledge and the words in his mind. But there is a difficulty, “Where to find the people who will pay you”.

Now this is not a problem because there is a website which provides you the facility to join and get earn by posting your articles to them. www.PayPerPost.com

If you are a blogger then you can easily join their network. You have to follow their requirements in order to get an account there. And they said in their TOS that your blog must be at least 90 days old.

The advertisers on that site can place their offer from a simple link back to a complete article or review of a product. Onces you get an opportunity from an advertiser, simply write a post about that topic and give a link back to the payperpost network. They will review your post and decide if it should be accepted or denied.

Keep that post for 1 month in your blog and after 1 month if the post is still in your blog, you will get paid.

You have an option to select if the topic suite for your blog or not.

The problem with this network is that, it only have one payment option “PayPal” and not all of the persons in this work have paypal account due to some reasons.

But somehow this service is great for those who owns a paypal account and have the idea how and what to write for a product.

Best of luck, give a try to it and keep reading the site…