Latest PTC BuddyPond Updates

Below is the latest updates by BuddyPond Admin :-

Hello BuddyPond Members

An increase from 0.001 to 0.002 is now active on sponsor referral clicks.

PayPal payout has been lowered from $10 to $5.

PayPal slot will be added to your profile very soon. Please check tomorrow. If you plan to choose paypal as your payout option, you will need to enter your paypal id into your profile.

New ticket support system is now implemented.

NetSpend may be added as a payout option in the very near future.

FAQ updated. Please read it before submitting a support ticket.

Side link ad placement is currently $20 per month. Banner rotation placement is currently $10 per month. If you are interested in either or both, contact me.

Be sure to read the FAQ and everything in your member area. Read the news/updates. View the cashout/convert page.

Arriving soon, you will be able to convert cash earnings for referral packs.

We have a lot arriving so be sure to frequently view the news/update page in your member area.

There is not many in the Pond Pot for this months contest. You may want to consider it as you would have a strong chance of winning.

Thank you for being a Buddy!

Valerie Underhill
BuddyPond Admin