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Its no secret that Google gets most of the traffic on the internet, followed behind by Yahoo and MSN back in third place.So if we're going to beat the next guy at getting some free search engine traffic what is required and where should you start?Well first of all you have to understand that you may not be likely to rank at the top of most keywords quickly, infact it can take many weeks of hard work to rank for high traffic keywords so the key here is to start with keywords you can target that don't have a lot of competition. This makes your task 80% easier before you even submit a page to the internet.
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Next lets look at the individual engines,google takes the longest to rank for out of the top engines so I like to look very closely at MSN search because my experience tells me that even though they dont get anywhere the same amount of traffic I can rank higher and faster here.So my first port of call is to do keyword research specifically with MSN in mind.I use a few things here but by far the quickest way to do this is to use the free keyword reseach tool at digitalpoint.com .Here you can check keyword patterns and traffic patterns for your chosen keywords to see how many searches are undertaken in the major engines,and also to find spin off keywords you probably would'nt have considered previously. You can also check both Overture and Wordtrackers outcome against each other here to get a feel for how the traffic flows are going to be for a top rank with your chosen keyword.A rule of thumb I use for MSN is that the traffic for any keyword I search in digital points tool is divided by approx 3 to 4 to give me an idea of the traffic in MSN.So if my selected keyword had one thousand searches per day according to both Wordtracker and Overture then I can easily say a number 1 rank in MSN should provide about 300 searches. This doesnt mesn you will get 300 hits ,in fact you may only get about half the searchers hit your site through MSN or any search engines for that matter even if you rank # 1.So now I can confidently say a number one rank for that keyword will give me approx 150 hits or visitors per day. So now we have chosen a keyword that looks good whats next?Check out the competitors on MSN.Theres no point selecting words that you really will never rank for .Your competition pays big money to be at the top so unless you have the same budget stay away from that game.Those so called masters of the internet will squash you .My reccommendation is to rank for keywords that have less traffic and thats easier to get to #1,especially in MSN.So what am I looking for when it comes to my competitors ? well we all know that relevant ,theme related inbound, one way backlinks from authority sites are the easiest way to rank # 1 or at least top 10.In fact it doesnt take too many high quality inbound backlinks to rank for thousands upon thousands of keywords.So here is where the action begins,After you have uploaded your site and optimised the page with all the relevant html tags etc then gathering links to your page is the single most important task you can undertake to rank.I am not an authority on link gathering but here are a few ideas.Write high quality articles about your chosen topic or pay someone to write articles ,then submit them to the free article directories,here your article will be uptaken up by other webmasters and put on their site with your backlink on them, This can provide you many many 1 way backlinks very quickly for your page.Approach other webmasters in your chosen field and ask for link exchange (I personally dont do this as its tedious and outdated and honestly is very time consuming)Use social bookmark sites like del.ici.us to get your work or content out there and also to get you backlinks from your tags. The search engines love social bookmark sites,I use about 20-25 of them and they always provide good quality 1 way links,and often with very high google PR.Write a weblog or blog about your site and link to it then feed that blog using rss or other syndication methods.this can also provide 1 way links and fantastic results in the search engines.Buy backlinks. Yes buy them , a few high quality , related links with good Google Page Rank will help massively.These few ideas I use every day and many more to get traffic and beat the next guy in the engines, especially MSN.So there you have it a few small ideas to get you moving so go forth and make more money.So the only thing left to do after you have achieved a top rank for a number of keyword terms is to make money from them and here are my top few ideas for making money that I use all the time.1) Google adsense, Sign up free and place the ad code on your webpage and you will earn a share of each and every click visitors make from those ads.There are dozens of other places you can earn on a "pay per click " basis but Google stands out head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.2) Affiliate marketing, If your site or webpage is about weight loss, then sign up free as an affiliate to any one of hundreds of sites that sell these type of products .Then place a link on your page which has your personal code embedded into it and if a person clicks on your link and decides to buy then you will get a share of that sale.Sometimes as high 60-70% of that sale.So there you have it,now go out there and make some money online, because if you dont I will do it for you.Author Resource:-> Calvin Leonard is works in the field of network marketing and internet marketing.His Main Business focus is to teach people how to Make Money Online through quality business.