Latest Google Adsense Western Union Payment Updates

Good news for Google adsense publishers who uses Western Union as the form of payment for their adsense earnings.

Google adsense recently extended the deadline to pick up the Western Union payments from 35 days to 60 days.

If you did not pick up the Western Union payment within 60 days of issuance, the payment will be credited back to your account and a payment hold will be placed on your account.

This is good if you were too sick to collect the payment as you will have 60 days before the payment expire.

Google adsense also introduced split payments for publisher who exceeds their Western Union’s payout limit. Currently publishers are issued check payment whenever their earnings exceeds their Western Union payout limit.

Now, if your adsense earnings exceeds the Western Union payout limit, Google adsense will divide up the amounts but still send them via Western Union.

For example, if your Western Union payout limit is $3,000 and your adsense earnings for the month is $5,000, Google adsense will now send you two payments : one for the limit of $3,000 and another for the remainder of $2,000. This great news as currently Google will sent a check whenever you are above the limits.

You will see 2 ‘Payment issued’ lines on your Goggle adsense Payment history page when you are getting 2 Western Union payments.

Google adsense Western Union payment options are only available to publishers of these countries :-

- Argentina
- Bulgaria
- Chile
- China Mainland
- Colombia
- Egypt
- Lithuania
- Malaysia
- Morocco
- Pakistan
- Panama
- Peru
- Philippines
- Romania
- Taiwan