Online Paid Surveys Tips & Checklist

Sign up with as many online paid survey panels as you can. Download Roboform, it will help you to fill in those signing-up forms.

Complete all the screener survey and profiles.

Create a seperate email for paid surveys only.

Check your email regularly. Don't forget to check your bulk / spam folder too. Your survey invitations might be in your bulk / spam flolder.

Don't be selective, answer all survey that comes your way. Complete all survey that you receive even if its for a sweepstake entry. This will increase your chance of getting more surveys in the future.

Never never pay a survey sites to sign-up, they should pay you. You will never be scammed if you never pay anybody anything.

Be honest when answering surveys.

Be safe. Never disclose your credit card details

Open an " online bank " account. Some survey panels pays you thru PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS & E-GOLD.

Log in to the survey sites regularly. Most sites requires you to do a "checkout" before they pays you.

Find referrals . You will earn more money by getting people to sign-up using your referral links.

Watch out for online paid survey scam. To check whether a survey site is a scam, type " scam " and do a search. If there are too many reviews that says that particular site is a scam, chances are its a SCAM. Do check out the reviews carefully before you decide.