Online Paid Survey Survival Info & Tips

How many surveys can you expect to receive ?

Please do not get discouraged if surveys don't coming flooding in as soon as you sign-up. There are many factors that influence when and how often you will receive a survey opportunity. Be patient, and before you know it you'll have plenty of surveys to keep you occupied. Whenever you sign up with a survey company, make sure you update your PROFILE. This will help the survey company to choose which survey are suitable for you. PROFILE in this case is your household income, the number of people in your household, your empoyment, how many times you go to the cinema this year, etc etc. Please make sure all the profile, as completed profile means that its easier for survey companies to find a suitable survey for you. Once you sign up, its always better to do ANY survey that they sent you even though you don't like the subject. From time to time, you will also receive a SCREENER survey. This screener survey is to find out whether your profile matches what the survey companies customers want. They normally don't pay for screener survey but you should complete them.

How much money can you make ?

Do NOT consider online surveys as an extra income. There are so many sites out there that promise riches from taking online surveys. Fact is, you are not going to be able to retire by taking online surveys alone. Instead, consider this a fun and rewarding way to earn some "Bonus" cash. Use it to buy that extra something that you couldn't afford, take you family out for a night on the town, tuck a little extra away in your savings, but do not consider this a dependable source of "income". You may make several hundred dollars one month and twenty the next. I will say, that for the time spent, the rewards are well worth it. Some sites pays you cash, some pays prizes, some will enter you in sweestakes which have prizes and cash as rewards. In another word, there are always opportunities to earn SOMETHING. You can increase yor earnings by signing in to those sites which offer surveys and incentives on their site and by participating in those sites which offer referral programs. You can easily find out whether the site has a referral program or not by visiting their FAQ or you could email them to find out. Once you got the code, you could start to email your friends and family to join the site that you've joined. Its always easier to sign-up someone who knows you. Please do not SPAM or you will be BLACKLISTED by your ISP. Please don't sign-up somebody in you household as the survey company could trace the IP recorded and you will be banned without notice. Another tip is to place an ad . There are many FREE classified websites that you place an ad for free. You could also place an ad in your blog or forums. There are many ways in which you could get referrral without having to come up with single cent, the trick is to be creative. Getting more referral means more money, so what are you waiting for ?

Do any of the sites on your list charge for participation ?

Absolutely not. I will not add a site if it charges for participation, in fact, any true market research company is prohibited by the Marketing Research Association of charging for participation. Also, this list will always be available for FREE. Never never pay a survey site to become a member . Although there are legitimate sites that requires you to pay to access their survey database, but why do that when you could come here and access our databases for FREE. We will never charge anybody to access our databases, but you could support us by joining the survey sites through the links / banners available. This will help to make this site continue to be FREE. We do have ads in our site to compliment our cost to operate this website though.

Will you get a lot of junk mail from signing up to all of these ?

Suprisingly, NO. I get very little junk mail as a result of signing up. There are several sites that will send reminders or newsletters, but these are options that I choose. If you choose some of the membership programs, you might receive a bit more mails as some of this programs requires you to read email to earn points. You can sign-up with these programs as long as it suits your need. Some of this programs give very good discounts on online purchases like groceries and other stuff. You should use different email for different types of programs you sign-up. Survey use one email. Membership programs use another email. This will help you to organise your emails. Always read your survey emails first as when a survey company send you a survey, it will open for short period of time. Once they reached their requirements, the survey will be closed. You will lose you chance to answer that survey. Check your emails on a regular basis and don't forget to check your BULK/SPAM folder . Your survey company email might be in your bulk/spam folder if you haven't add the email address to your address book. So, check your emails a few times a day !!

OK, so you've signed to take surveys, what next ?

Check your email often, jump on the surveys as soon as you can so they don't fill up before you have a chance to take them. Remember that survey have quotas, once they reach the quota, you chance to answer is gone. So, be fast to response to any survey email that you reveive. Some site does requires you to log on to their site to check any available survey for you. Take note of these sites and log on to their site on a regular basis to check any available survey for you. Tell your friends, you can gain extra incentives by sending invitations to your friends - MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SPAMMING. Be active, make sure to check those sites which have opportunities on their webpage. Be sure check your accounts regularly, you won't get paid by some of these sites unless you cash out. Most of the survey sites requires you to redeem / cash out your earnings. Its not AUTO, you need to redeem / cash out yourself.

What is a marketing research survey ?

A marketing research survey is the tool in which companies are able to gather, analyze, and report information that may be used to solve or provide knowledge on a specific marketing problem, service, or product. In general, there are three primary ways of obtaining data when conducting marketing research – survey, observation, and experiment. Marketing Research surveys are acknowledged as the most widely used method of collecting data within the market research field. Many online panel generally uses self-administered marketing research surveys with their panel of community members. One important component of self-administered marketing research surveys is respondent control. Many companies are willing to pay marketing research companies a lot of money just to know whether or not their products will be accepted by the general public. Thats why online paid survey is the easiest way these companies reach the consumers . Because of these, consumers who joins the online survey panels are paid for their opinion online .

How do I stay safe taking paid surveys ?

Taking paid surveys while staying safe should be your HIGH PRIORITY . Survey companies will never ask you for your private information such as your credit card or social security numbers as a part of their surveys. NEVER disclose your credit card numbers unless you are joining those money making programs which requires you to participate in their programs in order to earn money. Do this ONLY if you feel secured with the website. Always change your password regularly as an added security measure.